Originally owned by the state, the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society acquired the Amos Judson House, Washington Park and the Fort LeBoeuf Museum in 2015. Aong with the Eagle Hotel, which has been owned by the historical society since the mid-70s, we have created our current historical campus. Because these buildings are not owned by the government, the historical society is financially responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these properties. The rental of the restaurant helps, but is not enough to carry all the financial burden of the campus.

To close the financial gap, we offer room rentals at both the Amos Judson House and the Fort LeBoeuf Museum.

In addition, we hold many fundraising events throughout the year including: Waterford Days, Witches Tea, Paranormal Events, Holiday House Tours, and Colonial Christmas. Check our calendar for dates and times, and follow our Facebook page for more event details.

We have gift shops open in each of the buildings as well. The Amos Judson House has a Teapot Shop that offers tea and tea-related items for sale. The Fort LeBoeuf Museum gift shop offers many period-appropriate items and books related to the French & Indian War era. The Eagle Hotel maintains a gift shop on the second floor that offers a wide variety of items such as: historical books, teas, local jams & Jellies, local honey, decor items, hand-made cards, jute rugs and T-Shirts. The inventory in each gift shop is constantly changing, so stop back if you haven’t visited in a while.

Last, but certainly not least, the campus depends on the generosity of the public. Donations are accepted and appreciated at each of the locations. We may also donate online using the “Donate” button on this page. If you would like to designate a specific building to receive your donation, please write that in the special instructions box on the donation page. Otherwise, your donations will be used for the most needed work at the time.

Current Special Projects

Currently, we are working on building a permanent forge at the Fort LeBoeuf Museum. If you drive through Waterford, you will notice that there is a wooden structure being built. Once done, the museum will be offering blacksmithing demonstrations as well as continuing knife making classes.

We are also working on building a Certified Colonial Teaching Garden in the open space behind Washington Park. This garden will contain flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables which will be used to offer classes in cooking, canning and preserving. We also hope to add a Farm to Table dinner in the Fall as an additional fundraising event for the garden. Our hope is to offer additional teaching opportunities to the school students with a potting shed, rain water recycling barrels, and compost bin. At this stage, we are trying to get water piped into the area to aid in the future care of the plants and trees before we start building raised-bed gardens and walkways.

We are in need of a security system as we have had some vandalism problems in the past. The more we invest our limited funds into the campus, the more concern we have about protecting those investments. The security system is a priority for the campus, but it comes with a hefty price tag. We are looking to raise funds for that much needed investment.

There are other “wishlist” items in our sites, but we need to wrap up some of the current projects first.