Annual FLB Historical Society Golf Outing

Date / Time / Place

This year’s golf outing will be August 21, 2021 at the Union City Country Club. Registration begins at 8:00am with a shotgun start at 9:00am. During registration time, you can enjoy coffee and cookies, buy a chance on the 50/50 or lottery tree raffles, take advantage of the putting contest, or sign up for the skins contest.


We will be unable to have our picnic lunch because the Country Club will not be able to have the kitchen open. Instead we will provide a bag lunch for all participants. The bag lunch will consist of one 6″ sub (choice of sub marked on registration form), 3 sides and a brownie. If choice of sub is not marked clearly on the registration form for each participant, an Italian combo will be provided.

In addition, pizza will be served at the 9th hole. Bottled water and tea will be available as well.


Every player will have an individual cart and players are requested to maintain social distancing as well as possible. If you live with a team member, you are presumed safe to share a cart.

Registration & Payment

Registration is limited to 15 foursomes and is first come, first served.

Checks for registration should be made out to the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society and will be held until the tournament is complete. If there is a cancellation for any reason, your original check will be returned to you.

You can download a registration form here.

You may email your completed registration to You will receive confirmation that it has been received via email.

Or print out and mail your completed registration and check to:
FLB Historical Society, PO BOX 622, Waterford, PA 16441.

You may choose to pay online using the link below.

Entry Package

In the event of a cancellation, online payments will be refunded.

You must return your completed registration and payment by the August 1, 2020 deadline.


Rainouts will be declared by the pro of the Union City County Club. Should it rainout on Saturday, efforts will be made to allow teams to compete on Sunday if spots are available. If your team is rained out, your registration fees will be returned.


Tournament is No Handicap Best Ball. Record a single team score on the team scorecard.


Men under 65 will use white tees. All others will use red tees. Everyone will use the single designated tee on #8 for the hole-in-one contest.

Hole-in-one contest

The first team to achieve an observed hole-in-one on hole #8 will win a Jeep from Humes of Waterford. Do not tee off until you are certain the observer is in place. No STRINGS or MULLIGANS on #8 for any purpose at any time. Everyone will use the single designated tee on #8 for the hole-in-one contest.

Bad weather

In the event of unfavorable weather winter rules will be allowed.

Start Time/Place

You will be given a start time and a tee to start from. To allow us to maintain the required distancing, please begin at the designated time and place.


Bag of Movement Strings

Premium packages will include bags of “strings”. The bags contain one 6-inch, one 12-inch and one 18-inch string. These can be used to relocate any best shot for the length of the string. They can also be used to hole out. (Example: The team’s third shot falls on the green 5 inches from the hole. The team elects to use the 6-inch string to hole out. The team gets a 3 for the hole and retires the string.) The strings can be used at any time by any player on any shot including putts. Each string, however, may be used only once and should be placed in the “used string bag” after the use. No strings may be used on #8 for any reason.

Mulligan Tickets

Premium packets include 2 “Mulligan Tickets”. These may be used to improve the team’s best tee shot. Once used, the mulligan ticket is retired. Mulligans may not be used on hole # 8 which is the hole-in-one prize hole.

Texas Tees

Premium packets include 2 Texas Tees.