The Fort Le Boeuf Historical Society is located in Northwest Pennsylvania in the small town of Waterford.  It was founded in the 1970’s to save one of Waterford’s most historic buildings, the Eagle Hotel, built in 1826.  The new group’s hard work, both in physical labor and fundraising, saved this beautiful building from potential demolition. Some of those original members are still part of the group and other volunteers have joined their ranks to help preserve Waterford’s history. The Eagle Hotel has been joined by the Judson House, Washington Park and the FLB Museum…all of which are open for tours. The Fort LeBoeuf History Campus stands on what was the original home to Fort LeBoeuf.

In 1753, Fort LeBoeuf was built by the French. In December of that year, it was visited by then soldier, George Washington. He was carrying a request from the British for the French to leave the area. The French’s refusal was a key factor in the French and Indian War. This began Waterford’s important role in American history. It was later the homes of both British and American Forts. The accessibility to French Creek made it a key component in the transportation of munitions, salt, people and products to the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.

The Historical Society offers a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, many inspired by Waterford’s history. These include Waterford Days in July, a community event with music, crafts, and re-enactors. Other events include a variety of walking tours, both haunted and historical, the annual Colonial Christmas and a biennial Holiday House Tour.

The Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, protecting, and preserving the history of the Waterford, PA for the interest and education of present and future generations.