The Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society was created by a team of hard-working and history-loving volunteers to honor our past and elevate our future. When the Eagle Hotel, built in 1826, was in danger of being torn down, a local group of individuals laid down their own money to save this important building.  They not only invested dollars but years of manpower and also formed the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society. Our members range from those who are deeply involved in living history, and others who simply love architecture. Whatever the drive, important buildings and an understanding of Waterford’s history would have been lost without our ongoing organization. 

Waterford’s location on French Creek gave it a prominence as the pathway to the south led to many making their fortunes with the delivery of people and products. Once the home to three different forts, beginning with the French Fort LeBoeuf in 1753.  This fort was visited by a young George Washington, who was representing the Virginia Militia and Governor Dinwiddie. The job entrusted to him was to tell the French they were encroaching on British property and must leave.  Their refusal was the spark that kindled the French and Indian War.  Yes, Waterford is one of the places that can truly say, “George Washington slept here.” 

The Campus is composed of the French and Indian Museum, a modern building that houses one of the most prolific collections of this time in history.  The Judson House, was built by one of Waterford’s earliest citizens, Amos Judson. It is maintained as a house museum. Across the street is the Eagle Hotel, built in 1826. It has served as a Public House, Inn, or Hotel, for most of its history. It currently houses the Sugar and Spice Restaurant, well-known for their Amish style cooking and generous servings.  The 18th Century Garden is a relatively new addition, located in Washington Park, but a peek into heirloom plantings and the gardens that would have been popular in Colonial America.  Another recent addition, is the Fort LeBouef Center, which houses a gift shop, a community center, and the offices of the Historical Society.  Future additions will include a genealogy center.