Around Town – Do you want a more in-depth look at Waterford?  Then join us for one of our various tours, offered throughout the year or by appointment.  We can build a tour special for your group or show you one of our most popular programs.  Tours may be enjoyed by walking, bus or via a Powerpoint and Video presentation at our museum.  Call JoAnne at 814-440-3044.

Specialty Tours available at various times or by appointment.

Paranormal Tours – Because of the interesting history of the property and the community at large, there have been frequent unexplainable activities, on campus and off.  From music playing, hair being pulled, names called, items moved and so much more. We are not talking about long ago stories but things that happen today. As a result, the campus buildings have been a frequent stop for Paranormal Groups around the country.  We also offer tours for the curious throughout the year.  For more details, call Heidi Longstreet at 814-882-3562

Cemetery Tours – Waterford’s cemetery is filled with history.  It is the final resting place of many Revolutionary and Civil War Veterans, plus many others. Hear the stories of Waterford’s earliest settlers, or the woman whose story was part of the inspiration for the movie, League of their Own, and so much more.

Museum Tours – If you are interested in the Native American influence on our community and the early soldiers at the fort, the museum is the place for you.  Curator, Jim Edwards, has done a phenomenal job of pulling together a look at the Native American and French history.

Tour Slide Shows – If you are currently on a tour, this is where you will access the slideshow.  Use the password your guide provides.