Flint Knappers

      April 2014 093
“Flint Knapping” is an ancient art (skill), found through out the early history of mankind, in shaping flint into arrow heads and other flint tools. By chipping away at the flint in precise hits, they can bring about the form and size of the arrow head. The arrow head is the pointed tip of the arrow. The making of arrow heads was very important to early humans, as it allowed the hunter to take down large animals from a safe distance. Where as before the bow and arrow, spears were used and the hunter had to be very close to his prey.

“Flint Knapping” is a way to renew knowledge of our ancestors way of life, and to enjoy a new and satisfying hobby.

The Flint Knappers meet the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at the Museum starting at 6:00 p.m.

Anyone interested in participating, please call Jim Edwards at, 814-449-0607.

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Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society Vice President Jim Edwards, Bob Briggs, Rich Powers, Larry Lasher
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Bob Briggs
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Larry Lasher

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Rich Powers
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Jim Edwards