Special Events at the Yellow Tavern

At the time of this writing, the oldest tavern or public house known in the world, Sean’s Bar, sits in the little town of Athlon, Ireland. It was established in 900 AD.  For over 1000 years, people have been raising a toast, telling stories, (true or embellished) celebrating or mourning,  and laughing over stories that have been told again and again. Taverns or public houses, were (and still are) the gathering hub of many communities. 

Colonial Waterford had its share of taverns, from the very early Brotherton Inn, (1815)  in a building that still stands today. Before him, George W. Reed had a tavern on Union Street, which later burned down. Thomas King, kept a public-house opposite Dr. Judson’s residence, (the Altheim) on the corner of First and Walnut streets, which he called the Yellow Tavern. After it burnt down, he built the now Eagle Hotel in 1825.

In honor of  those early taverns, the new owners of the Altheim, Julie and Vince McCall, have dubbed the original basement kitchen area, the Yellow Tavern. In 2023 they opened the Yellow Tavern to the public for a number of events, including a Ice Cream Social. 

In 2024, they are expanding to offer a variety of Artisan classes, workshops, History around the Hearth, (with local citizens sharing their memories) and more. Many of these events will benefit the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society.  Check back often for what’s on the calendar. 


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Fun Times at the Yellow Tavern